Driving on Highways BY Luis Velazquez

Three Classifications of highway Systems
  • There are three classifications of highway they are the interstate highway system u.s highway system and State highway system
  • Non controlled access means that expressways have traffic lights,intersections, and driveways this means that traffic can enter or leave the expressway theirs also fully controlled access means that vehicles can enter and leave at designated interchanges
Freeway interchnages

There are four types of freeway interchanges the cloverleaf,diamond,trumpet, and all directional interchanges

Controlled access entrances
  • The importance of a proper speed selection while on the ramp is that it helps be in the same speed as traffic flow when you merge.
  • Some entrance ramps have high walls blocking traffic wich is a difficulty to see the gap to accelerate to a proper speed. if the entrance ramp and acceleration lane are short it can be difficult to merge in the merge area A closed front zone can be a problem so can entering a free way from the left

Always check your side mirrors and rear view mirror so you know where cars are positioned so you don crash

you can always manage risk in multi lane highways using the steps by diving in a constant speed so you can be in same speed as the traffic flow

Using the IPDE procces on highways

Identify closed front zones early

Predict that traffic will move slowly or stop in construction zones

Decide Create potential collision

Execute Signal for every maneuver and maintain or more seconds of following distance.

Created By
Luis Velazquez-Acevedo


Created with images by Unsplash - "highway drive driving" • woodleywonderworks - "The Night Lights of the United States (as seen from space)" • NCDOTcommunications - "I-85/I-485 Interchange" • Average Jane - "Open highway" • werner22brigitte - "highway night traffic" • Pexels - "clouds cloudy green"

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