Canada in 2050 A Project By aj

Canada, the second largest country in the world. This website is all about how Canada's population is predicted to change in the coming years, up until 2050. It will cover predictions of the birth and death rate, of aboriginals and non-aboriginals alike. As well as some issues that canada might face in the years to come.


By 2050, Canada’s population is expected to reach about 40 million people. Between now and then, population growth will have slowed due to continued low fertility levels, a measure of the number of children that women have over their childbearing years. The population could level off at 35 million if the low birthrate is not levelled by a high rate of immigration.

As the picture above shows, there will be many many more people over the age of 80 as opposed to younger generations brcause that is the age that the baby boomers would be at during that time
  • In 2026, the first baby boomer will reach 80 years old
  • A high mortality rate is expected starting in 2026 because 80 year olds have a higher chance of sicknesses, organ failures etc.

Due to the population increase, Canada might struggle with providing jobs, education, and residential areas. However, if handled correctly, it's expected that Canada will turn into the worlds superpower, as the United States currently are and Britain was previously.


However, recently, between 2001 and 2006, Canada's population grew at an average annual rate of approximately 1.0%, mainly owing to strong immigration. This growth is expected to continue.

Canada will have an abundant amount of available jobs and chances for employment which is sure to attract immigrants. Many skilled immigrants are going to be needed to fill in the empty job positions and keep the economy running smoothly. Arranged or needed employment in Canada for newcomers will result in a more successful economy. This for many people will also benefit them to better living conditions.

Majority of the immigrants are expected to settle in lesser populated provinces like Saskatchewan. This is because the metropolitan cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are predicted to become overpopulated and create issues which may regard transportation and a higher crime rate.

Canada's immigration rate is expected to increase greatly. This is predicted to happen since the natural increase rate is likely to decrease because of the expected decline in the birth rate and death rate. Canada will need to welcome more immigrants to replace the baby boomers. By doing so the population and economy will continue to grow.

  • Canada could grow in population to 56 million people in 2050

First Nations

The First Nations peoples are expected to have a higher mortality rate as the years go on due to sicknesses, car accidents, and suicides, etc. However, because of their rapidly increasing birth rate, they will have a lot more births than deaths. Because of this, their population is expected to increase a substantial amount.

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