The 3D & Virtual Reality (VR) Network strives to improve learning and teaching through communication and collaboration among educators, researchers, educational technology developers, instructional technology innovators, and others interested in emerging technologies and proven applications of educational stereoscopic 3D, 3D design, 3D printing and Virtual Reality. The 3D & VR Network provides and showcases high-quality resources, pertinent research, and instructional best practices for the growing educational 3D & VR community.


3D Personal Learning Network for:

- Educators

- Researchers

- Educational Technology Developers

- Instructional Technology Innovators

- and others interested in educational 3D design, 3D printing, stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality!

We aim to improve learning and teaching through:

- communication and collaboration between 3D/VR members

- providing professional development and resources for the effective implementation of 3D design, 3D printing, stereoscopic 3D and VR technologies

- showcasing high-quality applications, pertinent research and instructional best practices

We believe that the 3D and VR Network provides the ideal means of globally unitingand advancing this emerging field,launching us into the future of excellence in educational 3D and VR learning and teaching.


Kristin Donley, MA+, Chair

3D & STEM Instructor, Tech Specialist



Len Scrogan

Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Denver

EdTechFuture-Talk.blogspot.com - 3D Blog


Kathryn Cuddy

CTE Educator, Wakeland High School, TX



Jaime Donally

Inbound Marketing Strategist, Atomic Learning



Michael Fricano II

Technology Integration Specialist



James McCrary

Technology Consultant and Technology Coordinator




Created with images by pareeerica - "3D" • HammerandTusk - "man virtual reality samsung gear" • splotramienny - "prostetic proteza 3d" • Stiftelsen - "Internetdagarna 2016" • Graemeski - "3d_skull_pewter" • mebner1 - "printer 3d making" • paologhedini - "spherical 360 degree photo office desk" • ooscarr - "¡Funciona!" • splotramienny - "prostetic proteza 3d" • HammerandTusk - "man virtual reality oculus" • robinkristianparker - "Smart Grid technology in my living room" • shotput - "the mechanism of differential 3d printer" • sndrv - "Interactive landscape"

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