The Hideaway Country Club getting ready for 2017-18

We are not there yet but we have come a long way and can't wait to welcome you for the 2017-18 Tennis Season.

We started with our clubhouse in rubble and rumors flying like construction dust: Tennis would live no more at The Hideaway; they're losing all their courts...
But our morning group kept playing through the noise, the dust, and the ruptured irrigation.
Things began to take shape in October
The beginnings of a roof seemed to mark a significant point of progress as it slowly took shape in mid-November.
By the new year you could sit inside the building and not get wet. Always a good thing, and it obviously made Amy, one of the Hideaway residents paying for this structure, and her friend Tom pretty happy. Me too!
The new year brought a change or two around the courts as well
And our guys kept playing as the crew kept building
By early February the construction crew was really cruising
But they were not the only ones. Our Tennis Association members got busy too, and completed the first installment of our windscreens. And they were right on time for
Kate Adams' Birthday Party! Yes, rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

And that brings us to today. No, we are not nearly complete, but we stride confidently forward. We have a ball machine now, and the inquiries about tennis memberships and teams for next season are already coming in. My rehab is not complete either, but I also am striding confidently forward, on court 6 days per week and nurturing our newest tennis community resource: We started in a shambles, and today we are

HERE! The Hideaway and those who continue to hang with us through our growing pains will thrive. We look forward to the completion of our renovation and rejuvenation and we'll keep you posted!
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T. A. Niles

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