Trapped Abby & Linda

Genre: Disaster

Synopsis: It was a trip plan during reading week to go to blue mountain. The weather changed so fast on the way, so Abby and Linda got trapped in a big snow with many people. Many things happened in the rescued waiting time. At last, we all got saved, that nobody got hurt, and this accident gave us an important lesson about our life.

- Set-up: Reading week is coming, so Abby and Linda decided to go to blue mountain to ski. We were so excited about our trip, and doing our trip plan at home.
- Linda’s parents heard about our plan, and concerned about it that they knew the weather during reading week is not snowing day and both of us just pass our G2 test. They worried about our safety.
- We were too excited to think about what parents say. And we made everything booked done.
Parents knew they cannot stop us, so they brought up an problem that who is going to take care of the little puppy.
As a result, we decided to take the puppy with us.

- We driving out in the early morning at the first day of reading week. The weather is beautiful. We were listening the music, chatting, taking picture, and laughing. We do have a very good time.

Our Poppy was excited too.

After we had a break in a coffee shop. It started to snow.

Abby would like to stop, because she is kind of worry about what Linda’s parents said before. But Linda wanted continue this trip, plus there still have a lot of cars on the road.

We continued to driving to blue mountain, the traffic jam is getting worse and worse. Finally, we stopped on the high way.

Body: After a long time, we got out of the car and checked what happened . There were some cars trapped into the snow so they blocked the street.

Some people were trying to pull over the cars, however, these cars were trapped deeper and deeper.

Snow got heavier and heavier. People planed to stay in one car so that they could save the gas.

There were a three people family came to our car because our car were next to each other.

The lady was trying to calm her husband down. The little boy was so quiet and played with poppy. After two hours, we moved to their car because our car did not have enough gas.
Linda and Abby felt so bored in the car so they went out to play the snow with other people and built snowman. They had a really good time.
One hour later, the tow truck came to pull over the cars and cleaned the road. People were so excited because they did not need to stay here for night.
Sadly, the way to Blue Mountain was blocked because of the heavy snow. So Linda and Abby drove back home.

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