How to build a Bridge By:David hutson


300 popsicle sticks

1 bottle of Elmers Glue

A large work space


A box of Paper Clips

4 Empty water bottles

6 Rubber bands


Allow glue to dry after every step!!

Step 1: Make your base by laying out about 12-14 sticks with a 1 inch gap apart. Center a new stick over each gap you have; now glue them together. The base should be about 30 inches long. (After glueing sticks together place a paperclip over each place that you have glued)

Step 2: Now glue 2 sticks ends together overlapping about an inch. Make 2 of these.

Step 3: Connect the 2 sticks to each end of the original line, with a 45 degree angle.

Step 4: Now make a top using around 10-12 sticks(a little shorter than the bottom base) again glue the ends about an inch over lapping.

Step 5: Next connect them to the 45 degree sticks pointing up. (Should look something like this)

Step 6: Repeat same five steps above to make another side.

Step 7: Now take 2 sticks, glue the ends together . Make sure to overlap about an inch. Make 8 of these and connect 2 at a time at a 22 degree angle attach the 2 triangles to the bottom and top beam should meet in the middle.(Like this)

Step 8: Now pick up both sides, right side up, and put water bottles in between them while rubber banding them together.

Step 9: Now glue sticks to both the top and bottom beams to add support diagonally connecting the 2 sides.

Step 10: Remove the water bottles and rubber bands after glue drys.

Step 11: Next make 2 platforms.(Like this) lay 10 sticks side by side and glue a stick across them to hold them together. Glue two more sticks on both ends for more support.

Step 12: Now attach the 2 platforms at the right and left ends of the bridge. You will need 4 sticks for each side. Lay them down horizontally on there sides and connect the bridge and platform to the sticks. This completes your bridge.( 👇🏼)

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