Amity Holubec's Genius Hour How can I teach myself to knit?

Blog Post 5

This week I have gotten all supplies to make and began making my final product. I know how to film, upload, and edit the video, and how to make the loom and knit the hat. Triana sent me a link to a video that has helped me in the process of making the loom. The loom is made of a bucket that I, very scientifically, measured by seeing if it sat on my head nicely and some popsicle sticks taped on. I used apple support to learn how to work iMovie and speed my video up because I have no other editing program. Tonight I am going to begin recording the video and edit it throughout out the rest of the week. Then I should be done with all of my genius hour project and can sleep. I got thicker wool from Walmart that was made for knitting blankets, I figured it would work well enough for my project so I'm just going to go with it. I also apparently need a hook to make it, but I'm not going to use one, I'll just pick it up with a needle or something. This project shouldn't take me too long to make and edit, I just have to find the motivation to sit down and begin knitting.

Blog Post 4

This week I have been making my stitches too tight and that if I make them looser then I can knit faster. I am done with knitting my scarf and I am trying to find some good yarn to make a hat out of that is not super expensive for one roll. I am also researching how to make a time lapse video to upload to you tube for my final project. Once I get nice wool I can begin to make a video of me knitting a hat. Triana helped me a lot this week, she is actually the person who told me that my stitches are too tight and said that she was going to give me some tips on how to knit a hat on a loom. I have put a whole lot more time into my knitting this past week because it is finally easy for me to knit now that I know what I was doing wrong. Hopefully I can make a cute hat by the end of this project. It's a lot easier for me to knit when I have something to distract me every now and then such as my driver's ed or a movie.

Blog Post 3

This week I have learned how to make the most basic scarf humanly possible, but I think I’m going to change it up a bit and learn some new skills. I have learned that I don’t enjoy sitting in the same spot for a long period of time in general, but I do enjoy listening to musicals while knitting tho. I watched this video on youtube about how to make a scarf but she went way too fast and it was just basic stitches. I also looked back at the book because the girl didn’t explain it very well. I would seriously like to get some thicker wool, but they’re $23.75, Why? I want to make one of those color block scarves, that I’ll probably never wear. I want to make a pom pom hat and possibly make some type of time lapse of me making that as my final product? Once I stop being stingy and actually go buy the wool I want for it. I watched a video a while back that actually got me interested in knitting, I know that they explain things well and that i will probably understand what is happening in the video.

Blog Post 2

I have learned to do a knit stitch and how to do a purl stitch, the knit stitch is the most basic stitch that you can do while knitting ( but i still managed to mess it up), and a purl stitch is the inverse of that. A knit stitch you hold the needle with the cast in your left hand and slide the needle from left to right into the stitch closest to the tip, you then wrap the working yarn from between the needles and over the right needle, bring the tip of the needle under the left needle pulling the loop towards you, tighten and repeat. And a purl stitch starts the exact same, except you have to slide the needle from right to left in the closest stitch to the tip, wrap the working yarn around the needle from right to left between both needles, with your right and you bring the tip of the right needle under the left needle through the stitch pulling the needle away from you,pull tightly and repeat. I have learned that I should have gotten thicker yarn and needles because I struggled with the small yarn. I read this book that I got from Hobby Lobby and watched a video that came with it. I'm going to go get different yarn and the needles that i would need and continue to master the basic stitches and probably begin to make an actual project.

Blog Post 1

I have decided to focus on learning how to knit by watching videos and reading online tutorials for my Genius Hour. I've wanted to learn how to knit for a long time but have never found the motivation to do so, and this gives me the excuse to learn how to knit. I want to be a cool grandma and knit my grandkids gifts. I could knit my friends gifts too if I really wanted to. My grandma knows how to crochet, and while this isn’t the same thing, my grandma would be very happy that I learned how to knit. I would like to learn how to make multiple projects that look nice, that will come with time. The goal would be to choose a new project each week raising the difficulty level and trying to master the basic stitches. I will have to measure my goal by looks mostly, if it looks like trash I'm going to have to restart. I will have to compare my projects to those I see online, and hopefully they turn out, and if they don’t i’ll just have to tie it off to possibly keep track of how many attempts it took me to make the project.


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