Book Report Happy Sou S2E 46

  • Book name: Greek Myths
  • Author: Healther Amery
  • Publisher: USBORNE
  • ISBN: 978074604306-6
  • No. of pages: 128
  • The type of the book: Fairy tales

Book summary

This book is about some Greek mythology stories, their are brave heroes, terrifying monsters, powerful god and goddesses, battles and great adventures.

My favourite story

My favourite story is Bellerophon and the Flying Horse. The story is about a man called Bellerophon, got an Oder from the king to kill the terrrible creature one day. Of course, he accepted the challenge.

On the way, he caught a flying horse called Pegasus as his mount. He killed the monster sucessfully and grew famous for his bravery deeds. But, he also became conceited because of this.

He went to found the gods one day as he thought he was a god also. The ruler of gods-Zeus, made he fell off of the horse's back, let him pay the price for his arrogance. He became a lonely and unghappy man at last.

Why this story will become my favourite story?

I like this story because it is exciting at first, I like the part that the main character fight with the monster. But when I read the story again at secondary2, I still like it, but not because of it is exciting. I like the significance behind the story. People should never be pround and haughty, although they have done some feat. Always be humble, is the correct attitude of life

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