Fourth Grade Music January-March 2017

Our Music Curriculum

In Fourth Grade general music, the students will be focusing on three main units:

  1. Instrument Exploration
  2. Vocal Exploration
  3. Theme & Variations.

Each unit lasts around three months. Below are the enduring understandings that the students have been working on for our second unit.

Unit 2- Vocal Exploration:

  • My voice is a musical instrument.
  • I can use my voice to chant, sing, or as a percussive sound.
  • We can create harmony by singing in a round, adding an ostinato, or combining partner songs.
  • I can improvise by experimenting with vocal percussive mouth sounds.

Musical Activities in the Classroom:

The focus of the second unit has been on our very own, built-in instrument, our voice! The students worked on building their musical ear, by improving their ability to hear music in their head. This fundamental skill is call Audiation. During class, we explored various ways that we can create harmony with our singing voice. Then, in small groups, the 4th graders tried holding their own vocal part against another vocal part to create harmony.

The students have also explored vocal jazz scat singing. This is a type of vocalizing is improvised (made-up on the spot) using nonsense syllables. The 4th graders were able to watch video examples of some of the greatest scat singers of all time, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. To see our students taking risks with their voice, click on the link below. You will hear their scat singing conversations.

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