Pregnancy is characterized by increased secretion of progesterone, a hormone that causes the relaxation of the digestive tract muscles. This effect can result in the occurrence of some unpleasant symptoms.

1) For Nausea:

  • Do not consume liquids with your meal
  • Eat small frequent meals
  • Avoid odors and limit foods that trigger nausea (e.g. Fatty foods)
  • Select foods that are well tolerated such as dry food items (e.g. plain toast)
  • Sip on ginger soda or ginger tea (consult physician before consuming herbal remedies)

2) For Heartburn:

  • Decrease consumption of foods that trigger heartburn ( e.g. acidic and spicy food items)
  • Eat small frequent meals
  • Avoid sleeping with a full stomach
  • Sit and sleep at a 30-45 degrees angle (do not lie flat on your back)

3) For belching, Bloating & Constipation:

  • Include fiber in every meal (sources are: whole grain products, fruits, vegetables)
  • Drink fluids directly from the cup and avoid using straws
  • Chew food thoroughly
  • Soak and thoroughly cook legumes (e.g. beans) and gas-forming foods
  • Exercise regularly to stimulate your digestive system
  • Stay well hydrated (drink until urine is pale)

If your symptoms persist, please consult your physician for a checkup

Remember that although this journey can be full of hiccups, it, too, will pass :)

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