The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

  • The Play takes place in Quebec city in 1905.
  • I would say that the central theme in the play was the clash of differences in morality and ethics pertaining across different cultures and attitudes that gradually developed within human society.
  • As cultures blend. some experience either a lag or expedition in the areas noted above.
  • No matter the area or set of beliefs there will always be differences between people, and differences even within themselves to ensure survival by making hard and important decisions.
  • This is a motif I noticed in today's world too. I studied philosophy in high school so the motifs from the play are all too familiar.
  • Before attending I had read about the revolutionary Sarah Bernhardt. The play that was about to take place was outright enough that the church tried to censor it. They failed.
  • Seeing the performers bring all these motifs to life before the audiences eyes, including the sacrifices one has to make in life, really expressed a realistic way of thinking. Nothing is innocent.
  • Knowing this can help you expect less from life and attain happiness. This is actually a Buddhist teaching. A stoic way of thinking, where we find that we have to constantly make sacrifices in life coming from our choices. The greater good if you will. The choices always have consequences.
  • It is important to be smart and adapt to the environment you live in, you have to accept that you can sometimes be overpowered. Be it the political or social influence around us. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to stick up for what you believe in, or pretend you don't believe in it to put money on the table.
  • Look at Michaud's crossroads fro an example.

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