Alyssa Castellanoz by alyssa castellanoz

Daycare Days

When Alyssa was in daycare, all the boys adored her. One day Alyssa made one of the boys suck on her toes, and giggled the whole time! She was known at the day care as "Miss thang" because of her sassy attitude. She bossed around all the kids into doing what she wanted, and always got her way. And for some reason, she always got into peoples shoes...


When Alyssa was in kindergarten, she sat next to a boy named Joshua. Everyday Alyssa had oreos, she would only eat the cream and lick the cookie, and every single day, she made Joshua eat the slobbery cookie, YUCK!

Elementary Days

Throughout Alyssa's elementary days, Alyssa was known by everyone as being a heart breaker, there was never a time when she didn't have a boy by her side, as friends of course. Alyssa was also known as being the tether ball champ! She was barely in second and third grade when she was beating fifth graders!

Middle school

Throughout all 3 of Alyssa's middle school years, she was suspended! Alyssa started hanging out with all the wrong people and got herself into tons of trouble, but at the end of the day, her teachers adored her, and kept her out of as much trouble as they could.


So far, Alyssa adores high school, even though shes been suspended about 4 times in 4 months! She adores her teachers and tries to keep up on her work(:


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