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Be Grateful for the Treasure of Innovation

'Tis the time to start the season of holiday joy. For some, this time of year can bring stress and depression, precisely what we've experienced with the pandemic. However, we have found new ways to be together, communicate, and take care of ourselves, our clients, and our families—telehealth ranks at the top, along with some remote workforces, and of course, virtual client meetings. The November MBriefs allows us to take a step back and look at what we have learned as we near almost two years of COVID-19. As you read on, it reminds us how being grateful can bring happiness, which is the first step for overall good health.

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

TeleHealth Counseling Lightens the Social Stress for Kids

Mental anxiety is wreaking havoc with our kids. The social pressure and the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor were bad enough before the pandemic, so now, considering the majority of their social engagement is via a smartphone and more social media apps…Ouch! But thankfully, health care has adapted. With telehealth expanding beyond a typical PCP visit to specialists and now counseling, we can provide the help they need in the fashion in which they are comfortable.

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

One of our long-time partners, Airrosti, joins us for a second Side Affects podcast to update us since their last episode. Airrosti inspires the reduction of the musculoskeletal (MSK) health care spend employers are experiencing. COVID-19 accelerated these new rapid recovery services they had been developing. Join Kenzie McEvily and Anne Marie Singleton, with guests Dr. Chris Cato and Kelly Burchett, to learn about two new services Airrosti has launched: Remote Recovery and VIP Chat. Airrosti should be your first stop when an injury occurs, and now you can address your pain without opening a claim. Tune in to learn how they have made it easier than ever.

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

To be a smart health care consumer, you are required to be in touch with your numbers. Not just your bio numbers, but your financial numbers. How much is your deductible? How much have you already paid toward your out of pocket maximum? As the year nears its end, you may want to consider elective surgery over non-emergency procedures. It’s the time to be smart with your numbers.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

“Step Outside Your Silo”

All 2021 Learning Centers are virtual.

Many businesses exist in a world of silos—for example, operations, HR, accounting, IT, marketing, and sales. When siloed, companies fail to be on mission to accomplish their business goals. This structure usually leads to missed opportunities, miscommunication, departmental turf wars, confusion, and disengagement. How can businesses experience long-term success with this arrangement?

Building off his previous presentation, “Ensuring Alignment between HR and the CFO,” Jeff Bruner will join Steve Black to explore and share how Accounting/Finance and Human Resources can be on point to help leaders meet mutual business goals. Together, with business goals in mind, they provide the necessary tools to create long-term growth opportunities.

Jeff and Steve work for the Accounting and Business Advisory Firm Brixey & Meyer, where they lead the CFO Services and HR Services Practice Lines, respectively. They help businesses tackle complex business problems and seize long-term success opportunities. We are lucky to bring their experience to you. By attending this session, you and your management team can work beyond the silos and understand each department’s component of your overall business goal.

This course is approved for 1.5 SHRM and HRCI CE Credits.

Presenters, Jeff Bruner & Steve Black of Brixey & Meyer

Thursday, December 2nd | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Video, presentation & studio tips from Multimedia Specialist, Malisa

Fidgety fingers. Sweaty palms. Ravenous thirst. A newly discovered stutter…they all make guest appearances when the bright studio lights turn on, the microphone, strategically placed on your shirt, and the camera rolls…You are now recording!

Being an “MB Gives Back” Family Member

This month, I am coming from behind the camera to reflect on wrapping up my first year at McGohan Brabender. November is a time to consider the things we are thankful for, and I am most grateful for the value of giving back.

I spent most of my childhood running around in Salvation Army buildings because my parents are ministers of the non-profit organization. I grew up with the love of serving others flowing through my veins. Servant leadership and giving back to the community became second nature to me, and yet I assumed it was something everyone does.

As I grew and experienced different people and companies, I learned my assumption was naïve. Not everyone values service or community success. However, today I can proudly say I am so thankful I work for a company that highly values the needs of others and the success of the community around them. Giving Back is so apparent to be the MB Way. Time is precious, and I love how MB allows me to take the time to serve those around me. MB recognizes we are successful because our community is successful. I love being a part of the MB family because MB consistently pours into my heart so I can fill the hearts of others...it's an amazing feeling!

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

Did You Forget: Being Grateful Makes You Happier?

Here’s a challenge for you, what if we continue the grateful feeling of the holidays throughout the entire year? Perhaps say thank you more often to employees, wait to hold or open a door for someone, or let someone with one item jump in line at the grocery store. Such small acts of kindness are evident this time of year, but we should practice those efforts all year long for perpetual happiness.

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