Leyden Sophomore Girls' Soccer Brenda G, Matthew H,Nicolas K,Victor G,James L.

Sophomore Girls Soccer

Last away game played on April 19, against Proviso West was a great game, at least for us. Leyden scored 6 goals by their best players. These girls have only lost three game so far this season. We talked to some girls to get a little more information about this awesome season and what they do to prepare for each game and what we should expect for the rest of the season.

We asked one of the the players about their every game strategy and said it was the communication they had and cheering each other up when they aren't their best even when they are giving it their all. Another player, Catherine Saponieri, told us,

" A strategy that has been helping us win most of our games was always staying competitive and keeping our game face on. If the score was 6-0 or 0-0 we always played 110 percent.”

We also asked about some of their difficulties they have encountered during this season. Something that Citlalli Hernandez told us was,

" Some difficulties that we have encountered this season are facing those top teams and minor injuries. Sometimes when we play against some of those top teams such as Downers Grove, York or Hinsdale I feel a bit nervous and it takes me a bit to shake the nerves off, and realize that I don't have time to be nervous because my focus needs to be on the game so I can help out my team the best that I can."

Many agree that these girls have improved from last season. Only loosing three and winning six games is a great accomplishment. Several girls on the team told that they feel great for the amount if winning they have from last season. They say that one of the main reasons why the team has been doing so well is because the confidence they have gained this year and the support they are getting from their peers.

Come support the girl on May 5th when they face Addison Trail at 4:45 p.m in Addison Trail and on May 11th when they are up against Main East at the West Campus- Stadium at 4:30 p.m.!

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