GDAMS IS a global campaign to FORCE GOVERNMENTS TO invest in health, education, employment and climate change rather than the military

Money for People, Not for War!
Cut the Pentagon Budget and Fund Human Needs
The oceans are rising. Extreme weather is the new norm, and we are told there’s no money for a Green New Deal.
Students and graduates are buried in student debt, while in many other countries higher education is free
44,000,000 U.S. people have no health insurance, while it is free in many other countries
15,000,000 U.S. households struggle with food insecurity
The Pentagon is demanding $750 billion to prepare for and fight wars
Spending is on track for more than $1.2 trillion to upgrade the omnicidal nuclear arsenal and delivery systems

Our goal: cut the Pentagon budget and fund human needs

ThIS campaign extends from April 13 through May 9, 2019

Upcoming events

Webinar-Mar 7, 2019

with Neta Crawford (the Cost of War Project) & Mark Dunlea (People’s Climate Movement)

To hear this past Webinar on the Cost of War and the New Green Deal:

[Information to be provided]

Webinar-Mar 14, 2019

with Lindsay Koshgarian (The National Priorities Project) & William Hartung (the Arms and Security Project)

8 – 9 pm EDT; 7 – 8 pm MDT; 6 – 7 pm CDT; 5 – 6 pm PDT

Call-in number: (712) 775-7035; Participant code: 495518

sponsored BY:


American Friends Service Committee ~ Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security ~ friends meeting at Cambridge ~ Peace Action (national) ~ International Peace Bureau ~ National Priorities Project ~ Grannies Peace Brigade ~ Walpole Peace & JUSTICE gROUP ~ World Beyond War ~ war tax resistance

Add'l Info: Joseph Gerson ~ E-mail: JGerson@afsc.org ~ Tel: 617-661-6134


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