VR / AR / 360 December 2016

About Hunt, Gather

Hunt, Gather is a collective of curated creative independents who came together to do more than share space. We wanted to share ideas. To build brands. To inspire ourselves and each other to do the best work each of us is capable of. We come together often on projects and for clients of all sizes, offering design, copy, development, strategy, video/film production, public relations, and 360/virtual reality experiences. We come from a range of backgrounds, too. We have deep ties into Austin's advertising, film, tech, comedy, and Virtual Reality scenes.


Overall Capabilities

Our Team

Our Collective Experience

The members of the collective here today each have a minimum of a decade of experience working for agencies large and small. We've built brands across retail, technology, travel, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and more.


Digital Creative + Video


360 + VR

The main difference between 360 video and VR experiences is that 360 video is passive, while a VR experience is interactive.

VR Capabilities

A Real Time Workflow Backbone

By creating all of our 3D assets in a game engine (in this case Unreal Engine, though we work in Unity as well) we are then able to deliver in multiple formats, all with one efficient workflow.

Traditional Video

360 Video (Can be Stereoscopic or Monoscopic)

Interactive VR Experience

NXP VR experience

"Traditional" 360 Video

Our current camera of chioce - Kodak PixPro

We also shoot and create "traditions" 360 video and have worked with NXP , the NYTimes, Dodge/Maxim, and Downy Fabric Softener.

NYTimes VR with Inifiniti

Using the new Kodak system we were able to achieve a very aggressive production schedule and quickly capture very difficult and different shot types, such as:

Small spaces
And drone again

NXP FTF 2016

NXP brought us on board to create a series of 360 videos showing off the new i.MX 8 processor at their FTF event. These were all shot, edited and posted during the event over the course of 2 days.

From our partners at Moontower VFX

Quick Turn 360 Video

Hunt, Gather created this piece for Dodge and Maxim at a Superbowl party earlier this year. From filming to posting on Facebook took about 2 hours, great for events and press coverage.

Interactive VR

One of the things we're most excited to potentially work with you on are full blown interactive installations for trade shows. The gold standard in our mind is below: Birdly. These are VR activations that have to be experienced in person because they utilize physical props and effects (4D) that can't be replicated with a Steam release.


Example: ACL Fest Karaoke

360 footage from front of stage

Set up backstage at the ACL music festival 360 graphics of the lyrics will be added to the experience so the viewer can sing along like in karaoke. To make this a more crowd pleasing activation, the viewer will also be filmed on a greenscreen, and a live composite of them and footage from the side of stage will be projected next to them, giving people waiting in line a mixed reality view of what the person is experiencing.

A recap video of the best singers can be pushed to social along with this mixed reality videos and a link to the experience on Milk VR.

Mixed reality

Our offices in East Austin are in the Originator Studio - a ready made location for Mixed Reality shoots and demonstrations.

The Steam Mixed Reality video

VR and training

Thank you!

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