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  1. sharks are the oldest animal alive today. There are 200 to 250 species of sharks known today. Only a few species of sharks are known to attack humans. Every shark has a torpedo shaped body. They are known for their speed and ability to swim fast under water. Most species of sharks can swim around 20 to 30 mph.
sharks been here before the dinosaurs.This was called the devonion age. Sharks are more scared of us than we are of them because we hunt them illegally. Sharks teeth will shed.A average of 30 to 50 shark attacks happen a year. Sharks would drown if they stop moving. Suffers are more likely to down then get attacked by a shark.
Sharks see the world in black and white. Some cruel people kill sharks for their fins. Shark meat contains higher levels of toxic merecury so it is dangerous to eat. Sharks have really good night vision.Humans are not food for sharks.They just take a test bite to see what a unknown object.They are dropping fast by illegal fishing.Not all sharks are big with sharp teeth. Some are only plankton eaters.Sometimes sharks will mistake humans for turtles. The whale shark is the biggest shark but is completely harmless.
sharks have no bones! 2/3 of a sharks brain is detected to smell. Sharks are very smart they have horrible daytime vision. Sharks can survive on land for 4 hours. If a shark stop swimming it would drown. Sharks hate the way humans taste we taste like a dump to them. Sharks shed their teeth constantly. Sharks rarely attack people. You are more likely to die of a falling coconut than dying from a shark.
The smallest shark in the world is the pygmy shark. The short fin shark can swim faster than a porsche on land. Lemon sharks can sent one drop of blood in a olympic size pool. Most sharks have only 2 blind spots. Some sharks are harmless to humans but not fish or plankton. Baby bamboo sharks look like sea snakes don't get these 2 mixed up. Some sharks can see blood from a mile away. Sharks eat when they find a meal.
sharks been here a lot longer than the dinosaurs they been here 200,000,000 years before the dinos. Sharks por role in marine life and we are just killing them off. There are a total of 400 species of sharks alive today and that number is falling. Sharks shed their teeth constantly they never stop. They shed up to 30,000 teeth in their life. Only some sharks are known to attack people some is about 3 kinds of sharks these are the great white, tiger, and the bull. Everyone of these sharks don't attack us for food or for fun but for self defence.
The great white is a very aggressive shark. It will attack anything when it is hungry. This shark is based off of several movies this includes Jaws,Great White,Shark night,Shark attack 3,Jaws 2, The Reef. All of these movies made us fear all sharks instead of this one. This 1 shark didn't attack us on purpose but did it for a test bite or for defence. We might see up to 355 species of sharks next year in 2018.
Bull sharks are the only shark that can swim in fresh water but they are one of the three sharks that attack humans good for them bad for us. This means they can attack from both places. If bull sharks attack every human they see we would be almost extinct. These sharks are the third most dangerous sharks in the world to humans. Bull sharks have to blind spots on top of it and underneath it. This shark could threaten the human race fresh water swimmers.

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