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K-1 students at Eagle Creek celebrated the 100th Day of School in many ways. Students in some classrooms app-smashed with Aging Booth, ChatterPix Kids, and Seesaw to create and share videos of themselves at 100 years old. In other classrooms students used video layers in Green Screen by Do Ink to create and share their celebration of being 100 days smarter.

Second Grade

Red Oak 2nd graders have been working hard collecting data about a topic of their choice. They reporting their findings in front of a green screen and used Green Screen by Do Ink to make a video sharing their findings. The students also posted these videos on Seesaw to share with their families.

Third Graders Have Been Busy!

Eagle Creek 3rd graders launched their geography units engaging in a variety of digital learning experiences. Some classrooms participated in Mystery Hangouts, practicing their map-reading skills to locate the state of their participating partner school.

Practicing map skills by video conferencing with a partner classroom in a Mystery Hangout

Other Eagle Creek 3rd grade students researched countries participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics and shared their knowledge using Book Creator.

Third grade students at Sweeney worked in groups to create maps including many different creative features. Each student took their part of the map and made a stop motion video by having the car drive across the map. They put all of their videos together using Apple Clips.

Sweeney 3rd graders recording and editing stop motion videos

Sweeney 3rd graders have also been learning about their body and how to stay healthy. After writing down one "take away" from each lesson, they put their thoughts and photos together in a video using Apple Clips. Students used recording boxes to block out the noise in the hallway.

Sweeney 3rd graders using sound-blocking recording boxes to make videos

Third graders at Red Oak have been learning about producers and consumers. To better experience this economic principle, they developed a product they could sell to their classmates. As part of the planning process students wrote a script for their advertisement. They used footage of themselves recorded in front of a green screen with images they found or created to pull it all together using Green Screen by Do Ink. Check out these video advertisements they created to promote their product and try to convince classmates they want to buy it!

Fourth Grade

4th grade High Potential students at Jackson used QR Codes and Canvas to complete a scavenger hunt assessing their ability to convert fractions into decimals.

Students scanned QR codes around the room on their iPads. Each QR code led them to problems they needed to solve. They worked their answers out on paper and tracked their answers. When students were finished, they entered their final answers into a Canvas quiz. Using automated grading in Canvas eliminated the need for the teacher to grade each individual test by hand. Canvas was a time saver for the teacher and allows for digital collection of data. Everybody wins!

4th graders at Jackson worked together to complete a Valentine’s Day themed Breakout EDU challenge. They needed to used teamwork and critical thinking to solve the clues and riddles to open a variety of locks to help Cupid collect his arrow for the upcoming holiday.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students at Red Oak have been learning about simple machines. They created slow motion videos using their bodies to show examples of simple machines. Then they combined the video clips in iMovie. Check out these videos to see what they learned!

Elementary Music

K-5 music teachers met on our professional development day and discussed strategies for leveraging the power of digital technologies in elementary music. Teachers at Jackson shared how they have started using Seesaw Activities with their 2nd and 3rd grade classes to assess specific music skills and standards. The images below show how students composed a 4-beat melody using the So-La-Mi Composing activity. Students copied the template, edited the document to create their own compositions, and submitted the final product in Seesaw. For the second part of this assessment, students will perform their melody in class.

Elementary music student 4-beat melody compositions

Junior High

East JH 8th Grade Global Studies students created a photo essay about North and South Korea. Students used PicCollage EDU to create photo collages using images that symbolically represent contrasting aspects of North and South Korea. Students were very creative in choosing their photos! They used Explain Everything - a powerful digital storytelling app - to narrate their collages with voiceover recordings. Students exercised their critical thinking skills by explaining how the pictures they chose represent abstract concepts.

Teachers, don't forget to check out AuthenTech! About twice a month we share updates, ideas, and tips for Seesaw, Canvas, and other apps/web tools. We highlight new and updated apps/web tools, curate examples of innovative instruction, and provide insight on digital tools that are trending around the world. Stay in touch!

We can't wait to see what's next, Shakopee Schools! Show us your creativity!

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