Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness by. Mark Hines, 137 pgs

This informative book begins by talking about injuries and how they can be prevented. Ways to prevent them are to use proper stretching methods and equipment. It also discussed the ways injuries happen, such as collisions and how to minimize risks. The next section discusses the workouts you can do to help keep you physically fit for skiing and snowboarding. It lists many workouts and how they can help you to be in better shape, along with the patterns you should be using.

  • "The overall rate of ski injuries has halved since the 1970's" (Hines 17).
  • "Many instructors will recommend that an individual attempts to encourage a fall when an struggling to maintain or regain balance" (Hines 19).
  • "The binding of each ski needs to be checked each time before skiing" (Hines 31).
  • "Skiers thumb is the name for an injury to the joint where the base of the thumb connects with the bones of the hand" (Hines 24).
  • "Collisions with obstacles are the result of 90% of skiing deaths" (Hines 30).

Much of this this text was significant to me because there were many things I didn't know that I learned from reading it. I learned a lot about the injury rates and what they happen because of. I also learned how equipment can effect your experience with injuries and health.

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