medical detectives stuff you need to know.

The first thing we learned was bacteria. my first fact is that we need bacteria to be able to eat and dissolve food in our stomach.another fact is that when you get a sore throat its actually a bacterial infection.a third fact about bacteria is that is that if you take to many antibiotics some bacteria can mutate and become resistant to the medicine.a useful thing to know is that the bacteria your body doesnt use just dies

another topic to know about is vaccines. if a lot of people don't get vaccinated it can create a domino effect all around. Also vaccines are made of damaged disease cells. and 100yrs ago people were mostly dying of disease.

people died by rat disease.

sick people create a domino effect all around.

a third topic to talk about is tempature. a normal temperature is around 98.6 f.

also if your tempature is to high you will faint or get a seizure.

person fainting.

finally the last topic I'm going to talk about is our senses. we have more than five senses but the most common are taste , smell, and touch. our brain mostly makes us crave salty or sweet stuff. and stronger smells mostly last more than weak smells.


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