Global Wars Humanities Assessment


Two sides of the war


Alliances, broken alliances and German naval expansion all caused much friction in Europe with two camps developing – both of which distrusted the other.

Military strategy and tactics are essential to the conduct of warfare.

was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Russian Civil War

The red army

And the white army


Russia’s disastrous performance in World War I was one of the primary causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917, which swept aside the Romanov dynasty and installed a government that was eager to end the fighting

The Russian Civil War was to tear Russia apart for three years – between 1918 and 1921. The civil war occurred because after November 1917, many groups had formed that opposed Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

Sino-Japanese War

was fought between the Qing Empire of China and the Empire of Japan, primarily over influence of Korea.

was fought between the Qing Empire of China and the Empire of Japan, primarily over influence of Korea.

conflict between Japan and China that marked the emergence of Japan as a major world power and demonstrated the weakness of the Chinese empire. ... The Chinese battleship Zhenyuan captured by the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War, 1895.

In the meantime, the communists had created 15 rural bases in central China, and they established a soviet government, the Jiangxi Soviet, on Nov. 7,

World War II

Allies and axis

Russia, Europe,


Pacific Ocean,and


The political takeover in 1933 of Germany by hitler and his Nazi party

Battle of crete

Battle of iwo

Battle of anzio

Battle of monte cassino

Battle of the bulge



First Indochina War

France and




Mainly north vietnam

Fought between france and the viet Minh nationalist forces from 1946 to 1954

Battle of dong Khe

Battle of hanoi

Battle of Hoa Binh

Korean Conflict

Korean war and vietnam



Demilitarized Zone,

Korean Peninsula

Began when north korea, supported by the soviet union and china invaded south korea

First battle of Seoul

Battle of bloody Ridge

Battle of Chosin Reservoir

Battle of old baldy


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