Christianity/Islam Project By Jackson Hagen

The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ himself. He was approximately 30 years old, however he could have ranged as being 15-40 years old. The religion was released about early century. He was a prophet for Christianity, telling and educating people about God. Some believe that St. Paul actually created Christianity, but it all depends on what side of the argument you are on. Jesus was crucified on the cross, but was eventually resurrected and went up to heaven. It wasn’t until after Jesus died, that Christianity was released to the public.

After Jesus died, two main apostoles took over the religion, St. Peter and St. Paul. St. Peter was the one who was the technical side of the church, while St. Paul was the spiritual side of the church. Together, they made the perfect duo, and created the church and began to spread the word.

4 Main Complaints for Catholic Church

1. Repent was to powerful

2. Priests were wicked and cruel

3. The church was too greedy

4. The pope is not using his full powers he was gifted

Martin Luther

• He was born on November 10, 1483. He lived in Eisenach, Mansfeld, Eisleben, Magdeburg. He was going to lawschool before 1521 and had his life spared. He decided to turn into a monk and devote his life to god.

• Luther’s 95 Theses were complaints to the Catholic church on what they were doing wrong. Of the four listed above (Repent was too easy, priests were evil, the church encouraged selfishness, the pope is not doing as great a job as he could), I figured those were the most important. Here is a list of why they were wrong for doing these things


• Repent was extremely easy to do

• Often an excuse for your actions and you were forgiven instantly

• Everybody had sins cleaned


• Priests abused the power and were taking to many advantages the church had


• The church often told its members to ignore the poor and worry about yourself

• Also told that it was good to buy lots of things and indulge in them


• Pope was not using his full talents to save people

• He would let people suffer

Legend has it that on October 31, 1517, Luther nailed his 95 theses to the front door of the Wittenberg Castle church.

How Did the Church Take it? Well Pope Leo gave him 120 days to repent. Luther refused, and was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. His works were ordered to be burned.

How Many Christians Are There In The World – According to a report in 2010, there are about 2.2 billion Christians in the world. Following closely behind is Islam with 1.6 billion followers.

Is It Growing? – Yes, Christianity is growing, very slowly but surely. However, the PEW predicts that the Christian population will actually decrease right after that, and in 2100, Christianity could be overtaken by Islam.

Islam Founder

Name: Muhammed, aka Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim

Age That Islam Was Revealed/Year Muhammed Founded It: As was custom in most Arabic families at the time, they would take their offspring into the desert and leave them there for a little while. While Muhammed was in the desert, he claimed two angels came down with a golden bowl of snow. They laid him down and open his shirt. They take out his heart and remove a big old black spot (sin) and cleansed it with the snow. He then got a mole on his back. His family then retrieved their child, learned of what happened and praised him very highly. He was also believed to be a descendent of the prophet, Abraham. The year 610 C.E. is actually when the religion was released to the public, Mohammed was about 40 years old. He had a very small amount of people who followed him at first. Mecca then realized that this religion was beginning to spread and decided to persecute Mohammed’s followers. Left to an oasis north of Mecca, gathered followers and came back to reclaim the land.

What He Was Before He Was A Prophet: He would do work with his uncle at a young age and had a very normal childhood, except for his birth parents passing at a young age. He was about 24 and he went to work for a woman named Khadija. The two ended up getting married, having two kids and living a great life. It was Muhammed’s wife that originally thought of him of being a prophet. She died, sadly. Muhammed had the opportunity to get more than one wife, as polygamy was often practiced, but only had the one wife until her death.

How He Died: Muhammed died as a result of poisoning. The reason for this is that Muhammed had made a deal with a town he told his people he was going to conquer. As of this, his people were angry, so Muhammed decided to make them happy, to take over a city. They left with many soldiers and killed many Jews along the way. They took over the town and had a Jewish woman prepare their meal. She poisoned the lamb, and as a result, Muhammed died 3 years later.

Who Took Over After He Died? : Abu Bakr took over after Muhammed died. He was the father of Muhammed’s favorite wife and a military genius. Great debate weather Muhammed’s step-son, Ali, would take over. But Abu stayed and expanded a bunch of Islamic territory.

The Split In Islam

This split was between Sunni and Shiite groups of the Islamic religion does not have a confusing beginning. On one side, you had the Sunni (majority) who believed that the after Muhammed died, the ,,next in power was Abu, as previously mentioned. Then on the other, you had the Shiite group that believed the power should be given to Ali ibn Abi Talib (Ali for short) and this is where the split occurred. As of this, Sunni believed that head officials of the religion should choose the next leader, where as Shiites believed that the power should be given directly to the decendants.

Title of Leaders-

• Ayatollah- Means “sign of god”. In Iran it refers to the religious and political leader. Generally not used by Shiites in Arab countries or India

• Emir- Means “leader or commander of the faithful”. Were Turkish military officers that assisted in taking over Iraq, Iran, and central Asia

• Imam- Use this term for Mohammeds decendants, who they believe are the true rulers of Islam for Sunni’s.

• Mufti- An Islamic scholar who interprets and spreads the Muslim Laws

• Mullah- The Taliban define this title as the leaders during a prayer session, or prayer leaders

• Shah- Term previously used for Iran’s former monarchy.

• Sheikh- religious leader; wise man

Reasons for Split

• They both believed someone else should take over after Mohammed died, but they differed on who should take over

• The 12th Imam went into hiding. While one group believed he went into hiding because God wanted him to, other people believe he left because he was a coward

• They differ where Sunni’s use sunnas, or oral traditions or interpretations of the Koran. Shites, on the contrary, believe that only religious leaders can interpret the Koran

Five Main Beliefs of Islam

1. There is only one God and nobody can be affiliated with him. The only one who may worship this God is Allah, who basically their God. Anything associated with God is seen as an extreme error

2. They believe in angels as light, while humans are made of clay. Angels are messengers of God, but do not know the true form of God as they have not seen him yet. Angels also have no sex. There are also Jinn, who are angels made from fire, and have a sex and lowered spiritual ranking as well as a life span

3. They have to believe in the prophets and whatever they say as either they are messengers of God or God has personally told them to keep it in this frame of religion. Do not question the prophets.

4. The Koran is a direct work of God and everything written in there is a true writing of God. This has been translated to many languages but they all say the same thing

5. There is a Final Judgement, where the sinners get sent down to hell while the repenters of sins get saved. However, you can’t just repent at the last minuite. You have to have been repenting for a longer time and been completely faithful to God

How Islam Spread

Started with Mohammed being born in Mecca and then spread to Syria, Palestine, and Iraq. They then enter Egypt and continue afterwards to go through North Africa. It then enters Spain as the western front and India as the eastern. They are defeated when they try to take over France however, by Charles Martel. Continue to spread through Asia and are kicked out of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, but go back to regain control of the holy land. Ottoman states are formed and eventually kick out the Byzantine seat that was in control and renamed the land now known as Istanbul.

As of 2010, there are 1.6 billion Muslims. It is one of, if not the, fastest going religion in the world. After 9/11, 40,000 to 60,000 Americans converted to Islam and about annually there are about 20,000 new Muslims that are American. This just isn’t happening in America, however. In fact, many other countries it is growing faster.

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