Patterns in Dog Fur Danilo Mejia and ELi parra

Did you know that there are many patterns in dog fur? What types of patterns are there? Today we will look through them.
Black and tan, liver and tan, blue and tan: Coat has both colors but in defined and separated areas, usually with the darker color on most of the body and tan (reddish variants) underneath and in highlights such as the eyebrows. Black and Tan, in which the same pattern is evident with brindling in place of tan, are also possible, but less common.
Bicolor, Any color or pattern with white spotting. This can range anywhere from white toes and tail tip to a mostly-white dog with color around the base of the ears and tail. Example, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Tricolor: Three clearly defined colors, usually either black, liver, or blue on the dog's upper parts, white underneath, with a tan border between and tan highlights; for example, the Smooth Collie, the Rough Collie, the Papillon,or the Sheltie. Tricolor can also refer to a dog whose coat is patched, usually two colors (such as black and tan) on a white background.
Bicolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel uses Blenheim for reddish brown (chestnut) and white. Irish Spotted or flashy pattern is symmetrical and includes a white chest, white band around the neck, white belly, and white feet or "boots." This pattern is commonly seen in herding dogs, and Boxers, among others.
How can you tell the difference between breeds with the same color fur?
Thank you


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