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Mission Statement

I believe one individual can have a phenomenal impact on the world around them. I want to be able to make that impact and share my passion of dance and physical activity to inspire others to live an active lifestyle. In turn individuals would be healthier, happier and able to express themselves through art and movement. I am able to connect my passion of dance and physical activity to provide a welcoming approach to individuals. My admiration for education would aid young and old develop a further love for themselves and others around them through movement.


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My finest quality as a person would be my sincerity. I have genuine care for each person I encounter and I believe that allows me to interact with people on a higher social level. I also possess traits like passionate, sensible, loyal, and comprehensive. The services I do and will provide will make the largest impact on a personal level for each student but will shape these students to be better people who will in turn make the world around them better. My services will also possess the humanistic appeal that people will search for. Finding thoughtful individuals to interact with can be difficult and I believe this will make me, the product, above and special above others who might want do the same service.

Education at UCF

I have recently been questioning to my goals. Not quite changing them but it has made me think that I need to elaborate more and find a general goal for myself. I believe my ultimate goal is to be happy with myself and my life in order to do that I must give 100% to make each day great and the future as well. This is not to say that I am going to please everyone I come in contact with but I will go to sleep knowing that I did what I felt was right and best for each situation. I believe that this goal aligns with working with the future, which is the children. It is always said you can change the future however, I believe in order to change the future we have to change how these kids grow up, think and perceive the world. Therefore I choose to educate myself in the disciplines of Hospitality, Education, and Sociology to understand people, how to make others happy and feel welcomed, along with educating those for a better future. Each of these studies on their own has values but together they allow me to understand how humans communicate so I can then make my impact.

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I studied hospitality because I enjoy caring for and helping others. In this field of study, I learned how to focus on each person as an individual and just because a situation sounds similar each person deserves to be attended to and aided in the best way possible. These things were taught through my Human Resources Management class. I also learned about advertisements in my Hospitality and Tourism Marketing class. This class was able to show, not only how many advertisements people come across daily, but which advertisements stand out to people and why. In my Introduction to Hospitality Management class I learned providing great customer service not only makes you happy but it makes the guest happy even if you can’t resolve the issue, most of the time, and if it doesn’t you can still sleep easy knowing that you tried. Taken together, I was able to develop a general understanding for what make hospitality businesses so successful, how people react to business advertisements and how to provide better customer service which I can utilize these skills and knowledge in my small business now I can continue to use that knowledge throughout my life in whatever company I own or work for.

I studied Education because I wanted to learn more teaching skills to refine my own. In this field of study I learned how important it is to make lessons age-appropriate for students in my Motor Development and Learning class. I learned how important learning is at an early age and how what you do and learn up until elementary school has an effect on you for the rest of your life in my Early Childhood Education class. Also, in that course I learned how fast humans recognize patterns and learn even though verbal communication may not be established. Taken together, I was able to develop a greater understanding of children their minds and ability to learn. I can utilize these skills and knowledge to use when young children such as my preschool classes teach where verbal communication may not be realistic.

I studied sociology because I wanted to study society as a whole. In this field of study I learned about inequality that is rooted into our society throughout not only people and their opinions but throughout government as well in my Minority Aging class. In my Family Trends class I learned more about humans and how we identify ourselves along with how the relationships we build affect our life. Likewise in my Family Trends class I learned the impact that our families can have on our life. I did not have the ideal black and white family photo, but after going through that class I felt better knowing most people did not and how society is changing in that sense. Taken together, I was able to develop a broader knowledge to understand family situations as well as further explain my personal value but also the value of creating relationships with other. I can utilize these skills and knowledge to increase my empathy for customers or other I encounter when they are dealing with situations at home. This empathy allows me to connect and gain trust with said individual.

Service Learning

For my service learning, I completed 10 hours at the Ronald McDonald House. They provide a home away from home for families with children receiving treatment at hospitals and medical facilities. The house were started to help those who were sleeping in cars and eating out of vending machines a place to sleep and eat comfortably. During my time completing my service learning I helped in varies areas in the house. I organized their dry pantry and closet that were supplied with donations from variety of organizations that choose to donate to the house. I also spent my time cleaning and preparing food for the house. I believe my time, even though it was minimal, was beneficial to the house and its current residents. I think I gained a level of knowledge of the Ronald McDonald houses and the emotion level that lives within the house. Unfortunately, the residents of the house have someone in the hospital or medical facility and it can be very difficult to cope with all the emotions. So, I believe my time spent there was helpful to those by having a clean, welcoming space to come into. I would absolutely do it again; in fact I was planning to see if I can bring my dance team as a volunteer experience for them as well. I think this was a great way to give back and kind of be under cover, so to say. There was no direct “Thank yous” I personal got but when someone came into the kitchen and said “Awesome, I love watermelon” you get that butterfly effect, and I created a small light in their day. I do love meeting new people and helping people so this volunteer experience highly resonates with my personal values. I do anticipate continuing to focus my career around people and servicing the public. For me it was an experience that allowed me to further my understanding of hospitality. I hope to go back again sometime so because it was a wonderful organization to volunteer for.

Dance passion turned into a dance studio

My dream to open a dance studio stemmed from my own childhood experience of not being able to dance because of the finances. Progressing into my adulthood I knew I wanted to since pursue my dream and open a such a place for everyone to dance. Growing up and financing my own dance education, I knew that I wanted to use my knowledge to teach. My dream happened in a blink of my eyes. I decided I was going to rent a space and start offering classes, before I knew it, I had a bigger space and then another space even bigger and now I run a program that parents and kids love. In fact 46 families and 54 students visit and take classes each week at my studio. It truly has been an experience that has even helped me grow as a person and knowledge of business and hospitality I could have only learned while being a dance studio owner.


Highlights of my first dance recital I produced. This was my first year owning a dance studio and I choreographed 13 dance numbers and arranged the full event from the venue, ticketing, ordering costumes, videography, photography and other tasks that created this successful event. I was aided with my staff as well which I coordinated their jobs and tasks that helped me and the production.

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