The Art of Lacrosse Liam CoaklEy

The Native Americans created Lacrosse as a form of war. They say it is the game of the "creator" and is the sacred game of this land.

Here is my good friend Andy playing alittle lacrosse

But today, modern lacrosse is just a stylish contact sport.

Lacrosse is all about fun with friends, it is considered to be the fastest growing sport in the world right now.

Lacrosse is a very fast game, blink and you just might miss something.

Lacrosse is the fastest sport on 2 feet

Kenosha even has its very own youth team.

Carthage has its own lacrosse team that played in the ncaa tournament last year.

Ever since the natives started playing lacrosse it was more than a game to them, and today it still is. Lacrosse is war.

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Liam Coakley

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