Welcome To The Hostile Dinner Party! By: Madelyn Diaz

Marilyn Monroe is throwing the most biggest/formal dinner party of the year !

Who can say no to this face?

She invited the people who she knows that (J)ust can't resist and people who fight for what they want to achieve!

John F Kennedy : 35th President of the United States
Jackie Kennedy : Wife of John F. Kennedy
Joseph Stalin : Leader of the Soviet Union in the 1920's
Yuri Andropov : crushed the Hungarian uprising
Nikita Khrushchev: Led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War
Mikhail Baryshnikov : Soviet American dancer who left to get better freedom
Huey P. Newton : African American political activist
Malcolm X : Human Rights Activist
Yuri Kochiyama : American Activist
Marsha P. Johnson : Gay Liberation Activist and drag queen
Sylvia Rivera : Transgender Activist and drag queen

Theme☺ Formal (Red & White)

Red evokes powerful emotion

When white is used in a negative space it adds a very calm look and feeling




Main Course

Alfredo Fettuccine
Garlic Bread



The Seating Chart

The mood is very petty and everyone is keeping their drama to themselves but once something comes out, IT WILL COME OUT OF EVERYONE.


Marilyn and John
Sorry Marilyn, can't have him !
Joseph and Jackie
Joseph, Yuri, and Nikita are talking about the crushing of the Hungarian uprising, this puts Yuri in an awkward situation.
Nikita talked about Mikhail leaving the Soviet Union during the Cold War to go to America to have a better artistic freedom.
Mikhail, Huey, and Malcolm talked about themselves fighting for what they want to achieve.
Malcolm and Yuri talk about their work they had with the Black Panther organization.
Yuri, Marsha, and Sylvia talk about activism.
Sylvia and Marilyn talk about LGBT because they were both supporters of that.

Center Pieces

Flowers indicate apologies to the ones who feel they should be sorry and for the activists just to admire.


Wine for the guests so they can go home feeling warm and fuzzy instead of feeling uncomfortable because of the drama at the party.

The playlist while eating/socializing

1. I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith (Leroy Sanchez Cover)

2. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

3. Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins

4. Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay

5. Still Into You - Paramore

6. Imagine - John Lennon

7. Fight The Power - Public Enemy

8. Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil

9. Black Man - Stevie Wonder

10. Boom! - System Of A Down


Ending the night by dancing to music

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