The Stalk of Cheesecake Over the Years By:chantal deason ucar

To jump start this project we had to find a topic that we can find about 15 different points and record the data into a chart of google graphs and then insert our data in 3 different intervals.

here are my three intervals of data.
This is my graph on desmos with 3 different intervals,

Once, we have completed the 3 intervals. You had to find your line of best fit and solve for it (Mx+b) in order to apply the final equation customized to your graph you insert the equation into desmos and click enter and a line should appear between your two points creating your line of best fit.

My blue slope line of best fit equation
Orange slope line of best fit equation solving.
Black slope line of best fit equation solving.
Red slope line of best fit equation solving.
Graph containing line of best fit.

Once you have found all three lines of best fit your three intervals. You then use the same process to make a line of best fit for your entire graph. For my presentation in this case my line of best fit for my entire graph is the blue line above.

Now we had to predict how our data would increase or decrease and at what point would your data be at in 2067 and 2112. Here are my Calculations below.

Prediction Calculations

As you can see above i calculated that in 2067 the stalk cost of cheesecake will be $145.77 (This is calculated in U.S. dollars.) I as well calculated the amount cheesecake will cost in 2112 I predict that cheesecake stalk will cost $232.17 (and again this calculated in U.S. dollars.


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