HARN MUSEUM OF ART by elif portakal

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: To be honest, I haven’t been in an art museum in a while and I realized that I forgot the beauty and the silence of a museum. The artwork looks way more alive when I actually visit them in the museum because you can never know the real value of an artwork by looking at the pictures of it. Every little detail is important when you visit an artwork in the museum because you can see it from almost every perspective. I chose the artwork “Uma-Mahesvara” from Asian Collection. I didn’t know anything about this particular artwork while I was walking around at the Asian Collection but the beautiful and meaningful image of the artwork took my attention. Then I started reading about it which was even more interesting because the medium of the artwork is cream sandstone. (According to the label of the artwork,) It portrays the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Uma in a loving embrace and together they symbolize the ultimate power of the universe and the fullness of the supreme being. The artwork made me feel like I was at the 10th century and the Hindu god was real. I have never heard about an artwork that was made from cream sandstone that’s what I found so interesting about the artwork.
Design of the Museum: I appreciate this project because it allowed me to go to a museum and feel the artwork and the history behind them. You can’t have this feeling by looking at the pictures of the artwork or museum. I think the design of the museum was on point except it was complicated when I first looked at the map. My favorite part of the museum was the “Mirror Mirror… Portraits of Frida Kahlo”. The design of that part of the museum was very different than the others because there were lots of portraits of Frida Kahlo in every size and style. The exhibit was designed to emphasize Frida Kahlo and this made me know where to focus.
Art and Core Values:I believe art is very personal and has different meaning to different people. “Classical Female Head” from Elie Nadelman appeals to my core value of independence. The subject of the art left home and traveled across the world by herself like I did. I found this artwork relatable to my story because I left home at the age of 18 to live in a different country across the world. It helped me to understand how much I value being away from home and having my own accomplishments.
Art and the Good Life: While I was walking at the Modern Collection, “Idyllic Landscape” grabbed my attention. I took a picture with this specific artwork because I thought about the Good Life when I first saw it. I think it conveys to the culture and the nature theme in the Good Life. In the painting, there is a woman lying on the grass while a horse and rider dominate the painting. I appreciated the importance of nature after viewing this painting. I believe the nature is always going to be a huge part of our lives.

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