A sense of the wild a newssela artical By: grayson sumner

Animals play with pumpkins.

I just read a newssela artical about how animals play with pumpkins for halloween.


The animals in zoos get pumpkins to show interaction with the pumpkin. Some animals play with the pumpkin. Some eat the pumpkin.

The big animals smash the pumpkin or roll it around while other small animals hollow out the pumpkin to hang out in the pumpkin.





The artical talked about how it was important for the animals to interact with the pumpkins because they need to feel more like they are at their natural habitat.

The pumpkins make the animals feel like they are hunting for their prey. The zoo keepers hide treats and food in the pumpkins to give the animals a sense of the wild.


Created with images by Magnus Bråth - "Persian Cat still not impressed" • Muffet - "pumpkins" • grassrootsgroundswell - "Pumpkin" • Jazzyroses - "Animal Kingdom 602" • pocketwiley - "Jingles (Animal Ark Rescue)"

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