Introducing Khayma 35 hand-printed t-shirts by bedouin women

Khayma is Arabic for tent, and 35 is the number of families supported by this new income-generation project for Bedouin women

The T-shirts are designed by Palestinian artists and hand-printed by women on locally-sourced garments

They are made in a small workshop in a Bedouin community just outside Jerusalem

Among the most marginalized in Palestine, Bedouin women have a very limited access to income

In response to the women's strong wishes, Sunbula helped setting up the workshop and provided the training, with the support from PolishAid

Women learned the silk-screen printing techniques from Ayed Arafah, a Bethlehem-based artist, and how to run a grassroots enterprise

This is the first time for the women in this community to have a project of their own, and to earn income from their work

And this is their first collection

'Calligraphy' and 'Palestine' by Ayed Arafah

'Arabic Coffee' and 'Camel' by Mahran Ismail, a Ramallah-based graphic designer

'Talk like a Bedouin' series by Mahran Ismail. 'Harrrrrr!' is for making the sheep walk ...

... 'Haaaa!' for the donkeys, and 'Heeettttt!' for the camels, written in Arabic on these T-shirts for kids.

The garments are 100% combed-cotton and sourced from Royal Textile, a Palestinian factory in Bethlehem

Click on photos for larger view
The T-shirts are available at Sunbula online shop and fair trade stores in Jerusalem

Wear it and make a difference this summer

Photo: Ahed Izhiman | Models: Sireen Khamis, Ali Obeid, and the children of Abu Nuwar Bedouin community

PO Box 8619 Jerusalem | Telefax: +972 (0)2-672-1707 | info@sunbula.org
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Shirabe Yamada


Photo by Ahed Izhiman

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