Electromagnetic Spectrum By:Zachary Bolsoy

Wavelength vs. Frequency

Wavelength is the length between the 2 crest, or 2 trough's. Frequency is how often the wave passes through the rest position.

EM wavelength and frequency

Radio waves have the longest wavelength, and so the frequency is less. Then the Microwaves have the second biggest wavelength. It's frequency has increased a little bit. The next for wavelengths is infrared waves. They have a little faster frequencies than the others. Then it is what we see. Visible light. This wavelength is not quite as big, so the frequency increases. Then it is ultraviolet rays. These are rays that have smaller wavelengths and greater frequencies. Then it is x-rays. What we use to see inside of things, for example our body, x-rays see our bones. There wavelength is smaller than most, so it has a faster frequency. The gamma rays has the shortest wavelength, but the fastest frequencies.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Description of Waves

Radio waves are the waves that are used for long distance communications.

Microwaves are used for radar and in communications.

Infrared radiation is invisible to the naked eye, but it is heat, so it can be detected by a infrared scopes/glasses.

Visible light is what makes us see colors and lights. This is what we can see with our naked eye.

Ultraviolet rays have shorter rays than visible light, so only some insects can see them.

X-rays can pass through many materials, and can see things without light.

Gamma rays are arising from the radioactive decay.

Uses of the Eletromagnetic Spectrum

Radio waves are used in radios, and communication systems. These are used in the radio, to vibrate the speaker so we can hear the person talking, or even our music.

Microwaves are used in phones, and even Microwaves we use to warm-up our food in. We use especially phones every day in this day in age, and we are getting lazier and using the microwaves instead of actually cooking them.

Infrared Radiation is used to detect heat, it uses x-rays and microwaves. It can be used to find missing people, or for hunters to find a good spot to shoot your animal.

Visible light is what makes us see colors, and anything we see, we can see this through visible light. Everything would be dark and gloomy without visible light.

Ultraviolet Radiation in flashlights. The gamma rays vibrate back and forth to create light, that we can see.

X-rays are used in the medical field, to take pictures of our insides (bones). They can tell if our bones are broken, or sprained. They can examine every detail to tell us if our bones are OK or injured.

Gamma Rays are radiated by the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei.

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