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The matchbooks sit in a two-foot tall jar, collecting dust. They were given to me by my father who collects memorabilia of any kind.

Macon Mayhem Forward Collin MacDonald prepares to defend against the Eransville Thunderbolts at Sunday's game. The 5-2 victory put Macon in first place in the league.
Photo 1: Mercer University launched a Say Something campaign in November to encourage those in abusive relationships to seek help. Red flags and posters decorated the lawn of campus for 3 days. Photo 2: The Confederate Memorial Statue in Macon stands at the intersection of Cotton Avenue and Cherry Street. The controversial statue was moved from its original location over 50 years ago and may be torn down due to its symbolic ties to slavery.
Drew has worked for Kroger for 6 months. He balances his work schedule with his class schedule at Mercer University, closing the store every night at 1:00 am and waking up for class every morning at 9:00 am.
Sean works every day from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm. He is not awake for long while the sun is out, but he enjoys what time he does have during daylight.
Photo 1: Tina takes her soon-to-be adoptive son, Gary Lee, to the Pink Pig in Atlanta. Tina has taken her birth children, 19 and 18 years old, to the Pink Pig since they were Gary Lee's age. Photo 2: Tina's husband, Jason, holds Gary up so he can see the sights of Hidden Hollow Amusement Park. Gary Lee is Jason's first child, adopted or otherwise, and will likely be his last at the age of 44. Photo 4: Gary Lee opens a birthday present from his adoptive brother on his 2nd birthday. Prior to being adopted, he'd never been given a party or presents. Photo 3: Tina and Jason ride the Pink Pig with Gary Lee for the first time.
Photo 1: Tosha Nation, Gary Lee's birth mother, communicates with her son mostly through FaceTime. It is not always possible to reach her, because she does not have a phone or permanent residence. Photo 2: Darin, Gary Lee's adoptive brother, and Tina play with the baby before he goes to bed. Darin is 18 years old and Gary Lee is his only brother. Photo 3: Tina puts Gary Lee to bed, hoping he'll sleep through the night. At 2 years old, his teeth are finally coming in and the pain often prevents him from sleeping. Photo 4: Tina goes over her guardianship documentation, preparing for the potential custody battle with Gary Lee's mother. In February, Tina and Jason will have had Gary Lee for one year and they are eligible to complete his adoption.
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