Catapult Trevor and Addison

vertex form- Y=a(x-h)2+K

Where (h,k) is the coordinate of the vertex

Is your catapult launching consistently every time? It is with in 2 1/2 feet each time.

What can you change to make the launch consistent? The launcher because sometimes sometimes she gets scared (Janessa) and doesn't pull the catapult all the way back.

What revisions can you make to your catapult to get a launch that goes farther? Have another bar to stop the bucket earlier.

Where do you need to place your target to hit a bullseye every time? Place the target right by where the vertex would be.

Where does your projectile hit the ground according to the equation you found? After roughly 28 feet.

What is the maximum height of the ball? When did the maximum height occur? Roughly 2.45 feet

How could you make the maximum height higher and what effect would it have on the path of the projectile? We could make a stopper that would stop the bar so that the initial is earlier and there for starts out at a higher distance. The new path or parabola would travel higher overall, but would not cover as much distance. We would also change maybe the person launching the catapult due to the fact that the launcher wasn't exerting the same type of force each time and wasn't launching it from the same spot. We could also make the arm longer and the base more sturdy.

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