FOOD IS LIFE Xavien Leon-Myer


I chose food is life for my theme because I think that it will be fun attempting to represent how food can be used in demonstrating how people view food as and how normal it can be for some people to view food this way. I think that there is endless possibilities too in using food to show how people react because food is food and there is nothing it cannot do. I understand that this theme may be unusual for some people to look at but this is what I believe that some people can or will view food as. Of course everyone likes food and obviously eats it, but there is just some people with craving and in theirs heads I do believe that they see it different. I think they see it as life: as “FOOD IS LIFE”.

What I hope people get out of my photography final is that they should not judge people on how they react to food. Everyone has their own likings and such like that but yet they still get judged by what they eat and I think that once people see this page, they won’t view food as food, they will hopefully view it as part of life. This means quite a bit to me because food means a lot to everyone around the world whether it is healthy or not. I hope people will realize that food is not just food. FOOD IS LIFE.

Technique: Scale
Technique: Portrait
Technique: Leading Lines
Technique: Rule of Thirds
Technique: Black & White
Technique: Texture
Technique: Fill the Frame
Technique: Framing Device
Technique: Album Cover
Technique: Collage
Technique: Vertical Lines
Technique: Color Psychology
Technique: Patterns
Technique: Diagonal Line


Welp, this is awkward. I have never really written one of these before. I feel like my life is too boring to talk about but I mean I guess if you really want me to? AT first I thought I wasn’t going to last in photography. I thought I would want to leave after a few weeks but now, I can’t get enough of it (Most of the time). Photography is one of my favorite classes now and I don’t know what I would do without it. I think what makes me unique from everyone is that I like all things in photography and I don't just stick to one subject or theme throughout it.

Let me start of with the basics… My name is Xavien and I was born on December 11th 2001 in a hospital near Olympia Washington. Some people think that my photography is really good but I think that it s only decent because I go with the flow and whatever happens happens. Some days my photography is really really good and then some days it’s just really bad and I think everyone has their good and bad days too so I’m not that worried about it.

Now that the semester is almost over, I am sad to leave photography. I am definitely think about keeping it up with doing photography even if i'm not in a photography class because now I’m addicted. It is so fun to express feeling and the,es/ subjects through photos because each photo is difference and can mean many different things. They also can impact people's emotions & lives and that makes me want to become a professional photographer one day because it would be nice to impact people like that.

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