Human Trafficking By:Isabella christen

Human trafficking is the third-largest criminal act. People are sold, beaten, starved and forced to work against their will. Trafficking can involve both foreigners and U.S citizens, this is modern day slavery. (


Many children around the world are used as sex slaves, many of which live their entire life under this horrible reality. Criminals do whatever they can to please their victim, before the victim can realize it is too late. Criminals give their victims a variety of drugs to make them their unconditional slaves.(

''Suffering in Silence''

The related content may be disturbing to some individuals

Organ trafficking

These criminals lure desperate people with false promises. The black market has a diverse selection for the sell of body tissues. Organ trafficking is a business based on life and death were heartless criminals extinguish many lives for profit.(

''blood money''(

Labor Trafficking

Individuals are forced to work being deceived, traffickers use violence, threats and lies to lure their victims to work for them. These workers work day and night and get little to no pay. In some cases their visas or passports are taken away so they can never leave their job.(

''the modern slave'' (

How can we help end trafficking?

Polaris Project is an organization which arrests the traffickers and protects the victims. Polaris has attended to 31,659 cases of human trafficking, when people donate it helps people in need. So far there are only 3% successful into wiping out modern slavery its not much, but if more and more people donate we can wipe out human trafficking.
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