Walden West Experience By: alyssa

Walden West was an awesome experience. I will never forget it.

We did tons of fun things. I expecially liked that we did an activity every night! Like Camfire night, Cabin jeprody, Astronomy night, Night Hike, and The dance party. My favorite night activity was the dance party. It was a perfect way to say good bye. At first, we were only allowed to dance in a circle with our cabin to the hokey pokey. But then we were allowed to free dance to songs we liked. It was really awesome! Especially the part when Little Einstien came on and everyone went crazy! That was my favorite night-time activity(besides the night hike).

Campfire Night!

One of my other favorite experiences at Walden West was the scooby stories. We all gathered around the Scooby tree and Scooby came every morning and told us storys. The stories he told us were made up, but he said it was about himwhen he was 4 and how barney the dinasour scared children and thought that 4 year old scooby was his friend. He also told us how barney was planning to take over the world and scooby had to to stop him. I liked how scooby talked in a funny voice and put a lot of imagination and details in his stoty along with lots of humor so that you could really picture what he was talking about.

The Scooby tree where Scooby told us stories!

As you can see, I loved the things we did at Walden West! We did lots of fun things! I wish I could go back in time and do the whole thing again!

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