Nightwin: Better than Batman Written by Tim seely and illustrated by JAvier Fernandez

described with "Captivating art and a fast paced storyline contribute to the overall excitement of revisiting the past of a hero, who has always been one of my favourites." And "Welcome Back NIGHTWING ! OR WELCOME BACK INTO THE BLACK AND BLUE! This is hands down the best story I have read this year! Great start off point for all you new folks!" By happy customers, Nightwing: Better than Batman is pleasing to anyone who has a brain

When forced to work undercover against the Parliament of Owls, Nightwing reluctantly is forced to work with the unfeeling Raptor, the vicious anti-hero who was hired by the Strigiformes obsessed illuminaty. Yet, Raptor has many shades and secrets which will make him a pivotal player in the big picture.

Yet Nightwing must fight the Owls with them knowing, and Raptor doesn't make anything easier, in fact he makes it worse and Nightwing finds him questioning himself and everything he stands for

But, it revealed that Raptor is in fact, himself, also working from the inside to destroy the Owls and had the key to their downfall, yet he still has another secret which is may bring Nightwing's downfall

While Nightwing is backstabbed by Raptor when the two are searching the Labarynth for the one thing the Owls fear, the Book of Wisdom which holds the name of the of the owls

And after that shocking turn of events, it is revealed that Raptor sold the names of the Parliament members that were found in the Book of Wisdom.

Our favorite black and blue clad superhero realizes why Raptor is the way he is and why he knows everything about Nightwing, its that he knew and loved his late mother Mary Grayson

During the midst of the confusion Raptor takes it too far with kidnaping Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Nightwing's adopted father and mentor in attempt to draw Grayson out and get rid of the man who apparently "Ruined Richard Grayson"

The plans works well at least 50%, Nightwing comes prepared and enraged which leads to brutal fight that spans an abandoned circus, yet after the two nemeses deal each othe dozens of blows it is Nightwing who emeges victorious

Nightwing arrives right in time to save Bruce from a fall from 200 feat just in time

And when dust has settled the Dark Knight utters one of the mosy beautiful quotes of all times "I didn't fall. I jumped. I jumped because I knew you you'd cathch me."

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