Should Mascots Stay or Go By: Robert graves-dye

I dont not think teams and schools should be allowed to use Native Americans as mascots.

I think teams should not use Native Americans mascots because its attacking Indians. Cause the logo's show an image that dose not accurately sculpt the Native Americans. Theres a quote that supports what I said according to the article, " This racial designation based on skin color is disparaging to Native Americans." This quote shows how people think of what the desighs stand for and look like. I choose this quote because it might show how the Native Americans feel now when they see the mascots.

And also this also shows that the Native Americans feel about the mascots. This is one of the quotes from the same article " to the fans, we exist only in the 1800s as a worrior culture." This supports my claim by saying that the movies and mascots are what people see them as. And really thats why i choose it.

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