MEDIUM OF THE ART/TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST: Seeing the Woman's Wedding Ensemble in real life made me understand and appreciate the apparel that middle eastern woman (specifically Egyptian) wear during their wedding ceremony. Seeing pictures of the garments that foreigners wear does not do justice to this beautiful garment that I got to see in person. The medium of the artwork helped me appreciate how much time and effort that is put into these garments. The piece of art is made of cloth, cotton and silk, which causes the garment to be soft and comfortable. The beautiful jewelry and stitching up close in person allowed me to appreciate the artwork greatly. The artwork communicated to me a culture that I was not apart of and made me appreciate Egyptian culture more. It made me feel like I was expanding my cultural knowledge and connecting with this culture because American's do not wear such garments. Seeing the artwork in person made me realize that American weding dresses are a work of art just like this garment and allowed me to connect our cultures.

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: The exhibit that popped out to me most was the exhibit pictured below. It stood out to me because of the immense amount of natural lighting from the windows that allow the sun to shine into the exhibit. The use of space is also very neat. Works of art hang from the wall, sit on the floor and sit on platforms. The exhibit made me feel refreshed and open because of the natural lighting and the section was based on cultural artworks. Also, the entrance to the exhibit was created like a doorway so the change of pace from artificially lit exhibits to this one was refreshing.

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ART AND CORE VALUES: The art work that appealed to my values was the painting depicting a veteran who was back on American soil but could not help but use his war instincts that he developed in Afghanistan. The soldier is paranoid that an old tire on the road may be a mine because he has to worry about that in war. This appeals to my core value of respecting our troops and making sure that they are able to adjust back into their daily lives on our soil without the terrible effects of ptsd. I believe that our soldiers are our backbone and their work allows Americans to have the freedom to express themselves and be in a safe environment. The artwork allows me to better understand the struggles that soldiers go through when they are back home from deployment because I have always heard about the effects of war and ptsd related events but this picture allows me to see how the soldiers war instincts effect his daily life when driving with his family. This instills care in me for our veterans and current military members.

ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: The artwork depicting the culture of the Mushenge in masks and apparel that is unique to their society depicts an important aspect of the Good Life. The theme depicted is having a strong tie to your culture and practicing your cultural rituals. This painting relates most to the module "Owning the good life" because the Mushenge culture is representing their culture and practicing it without letting outside influences change their views. This picture helps me appreciate other's cultures more because it shares rituals that I am not a part of with me and allows me to see how they live.

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