otzi the Iceman death By:Dilpreet Shergill


Otzi the Iceman died near the Otztal Alps and he died really close to the Austrian and Italian borders in 1991. How was Otzi found Otzi was found by two hikers. Otzi is a frozen prehistoric man. Till this day Otzi's death remains a prehistoric mystery there are many theories on how Otzi the Iceman died. Otzi is 5,300 years old mummy from Europe.

My Theory On How Iceman Died

So there are a few theories on how Otzi how he died I agree with this one I think Otzi got ambushed by somebody while he was walking or hiking. I think the ambusher took all of his valuable items like probably his food and other stuff. I think first the ambusher distracted Otzi by throwing a rock or something then he took his bow and arrows and sniped him in the back because research shows that there was flint found in Otzi's body and I also think he was a hunter and he came hunting in the mountains for goat maybe and he got killed because he had a axe beside him. Otzi might have been sacrificed by his village. He got sacrificed by his people because back then I think people took religion too far.

Credits:Scientists, Mrs. Wilms, Mrs. Syath

Mannequin of what Otzi the Iceman might have looked like.
Real life corpse of Otzi the Iceman


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