Historic Build Emma Johnston


The Coastal Defense Ship was mainly used in the 1860's to 1920's. The design of this specific ship can best be described as pre-dreadnought battleship. Sweden and Finland used this design primarily although other countries did as well.

The Building Process

I started out by using red wool for the entire base.

I estimated how long I should make the ship based on dimensions I found.

After figuring out the length of the one side, I duplicated it on the other side.

After that was completed, I made two propellers on the back of the ship.

Next, I started with the next level which was black wool.

Next, I made the third level light grey wool.

Then, I made the deck with spruce wood planks.

After, I made the guardrails of the ship with the iron fence.

After that was done, I started building the second level of the ship.

After playing around with the height of the second level, I added the iron fence for a guard rail.

Next, I started adding two of the guns on the side of the ship.

I added the observatory and more detail to the second level of the ship.

I started then by adding the two navigating propellers onto the ship along with the smoke stack.

I then added the bigger navigating propeller.

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