Holy People of the Middle Ages..... By emma fisher (your fav)

Leo IX

After Leo IX’s death his military pay pal’s action caused the final split of the Eastern and Western churches.
Leo IX planned to get rid of all the churches evil clerical marriage, simony and lay investiture

Leo IX travels around Europe causing him to earn him the nickname The Pilgrim Pope he succeeded in transforming the Roman Papacy

St Dominic

If St Dominic had not gone on the his trip with the Bishop he would of never probably have remained within the structure
On St Dominic’s journey he became face to face with a Albigensian heresy at Languedoc

St Dominic’s fellow preachers became a community, he founded a religious house at Toulouse,= Order of Preachers

St Francis

St Francis of Assisi said he saw visions of god the first time was when he was sick.
St Francis died because of a grate illness and spend a huge amount of his life blind.

St Francis first thought that he was being told that he should fight with the crusaders and later found out he should help the sick


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