The Tradegty of Iceman By: Prabcharn Mahal #20 7A

Some Copper Tools back in the Copper Age.

Who was Otzi

Otzi, also know as the Iceman is one of the oldest mummies ever found intact. Otzi is a man who was lived 5,300 years ago, also known as 3,300 BCE, that's before the pyramids and Stone Age. Otzi is a well preserved mummy that was stuck in a glacier for thousand of years, his body was stuck in the ice. So that kept him intact, some of his belonging were with him as well, trapped in the well preserving ice too. These belongings include his copper axe, his furry jacket, his shoes, his bow, his quiver, his flint dagger, his retoucheur, his birch bark containers, his back pack, his stone disc, and finally his birch fungus. All these tools are displayed in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, in Italy.

Otzi's Background

I infer that this Prehistoric man came from a German background because his name is a German name. It means, To listen. Also scientist have discovered that Otzi's mothers side of the family everyone is extinct. But Otzi's fathers side of the family, they're still some people living. Such as in Sweden and Bulgaria, scientists have found similar genetics in farmers there. So that means Otzi's fathers side of the family have similar DNA traits with farmers in Sweden and Bulgaria. So Otzi's heritage might still be continuing on planet earth.

Where did Otzi die?

Ozti at the age of 45, 5 foot 3 ,110 pounds, died on a mountain in Otztal ALPS near the Austrian and Italian border. The mountain Otzi passed away on is in Europe. The mountain has elevation of 3,210 meters above ground.

The mountain Otzi died on

When was Otzi discovered ?

Otzi was discovered on September 19,1991. The two German tourists Helmut, and Erika Simon were walking on a 10,530 ft path. They were on a path between two mountains in Otztal ALPS near the Austrain-Italian border. They spotted Otzi face down on the ice, half of his body still trapped in the unbreakable ice.

How did he die ?

Their are four main theories that explain how Otzi died. And I will explain them all in the following paragraphs.

Theory #1

The first theory was about how Otzi got murdered when he was trying to defend himself. He got murdered by someone by an arrow getting shot in his back and suffered brain damage. Otzi also got hit in the wrist and thumb which caused massive blood loss as well. So he bled to death in the harsh conditions on the mountain where nobody could save him.

Theory #2

The second theory was about how Otzi died in hand to hand combat. During this fight scientists believe that he may have gotten ambushed by someone from behind with an arrow.

Otzi struck from behind

Theory #3

Reinhard, who is an explore and an expert on cultures, believe that Otzi was made sacrifice to the gods. He believed people in the bronze age worshipped mountains. Otzi may have been offered as an offering to the mountain gods by his own people. The following quotes shows that the mountain worship existed in the olden days.

"We know that mountain worship was important in prehistoric Europe during the Bronze Age," he explained, "and there is good evidence that it played a role earlier, in the Copper Age," when the Iceman lived."

Theory #4

According to professor Annaluisa Pedrotti, from Trento University in Italy, Otzi may have been murdered by his own people. She analysed the arrow which he was struck with in the back, and stated the arrow was for the southern parts of the ALPS not northern part. Based on Otzi's clothing, Scientist discovered that he was more likely from the Southern ALPS in Europe.

Replica of the arrow that Otzi died with

The theory I support

After reading and researching about Otzi's death, the theory I believe that caused his death was the first theory because it makes the most sense to me. It makes the most sense to me because in Otzi's skeleton they were multiple arrow marks in his back, wrist, and thumb. I infer that Otzi was trying to defend himself against someone that attacked him. So the attacker shot him with an arrow and Otzi bled to death. Also when he was fighting Otzi suffered brain injury, because he got hit in the head a lot, that was also one of the reasons why he died. In conclusion, most of the evidence collected supports this theory the most.

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