Discovering the people at Red Cross Hospital Salisbury 1918

The image above is one of two panoramic photographs showing Red Cross volunteer nurses at Harnham Hospital, near Salisbury, in January 1918. Up until the autumn of last year we were unable to add much more information about who they were and where the image was taken.

That was until we received an email from D. Long who had rescued a WW1 photograph album, at a car boot sale, in St Helens 200 miles away. This showed the Harnham Red Cross Hospital along with named captions which means we can start to piece together who is in our long panoramic image.

Click on the images above to see inside the wards with soldiers recuperating from injuries or illness
They showed tasks undertaken: This is Miss Frances Awdry of Fowlers Hill, Salisbury who was Assistant Quartermaster that mended uniforms with over 5000 hours during WW1
They showed the nurses relaxed and enjoying the garden space at the hospital. The building in the background is Harnham Free Church which still stands today (without the belltower)
... and even more exiting was each photo had a handwritten name or title which told us who they were. We could then research the Red Cross archives to find out more ...
Lady Katherine (Kitty) Pleydell- Bouverie of Longford Castle, Salisbury. Wilts V.A.D. 8 over 9800 hours
Miss Gwendolen Gibbon from Peter's Finger, Salisbury. 3200 hours with Wilts 10 V.A.D.
Labelled Nurse Morris on the album : there were two Morrice sisters - Esther and Janet Helen, of St Edmund’s Rectory, Salisbury
Labelled Nurse Simmons. There were two Simmonds on the staff Christina Katherine and Marian
Mrs Mary Denzil who lived with Lady Everett, Alderbury, Salisbury. A member of Wilts V.A.D. 8. Before 1914 did 2 1/2 years in a General Hospital (America) towards her 3 years Certificate as a fully trained nurse.
Sister Gertrude Slocock from Greenham Newbury, Berks. Worked at Salisbury Red Cross Hospital as Sister for no pay. Previously worked since 1914 as Sister anchorage of Ward in Netley Hospital, then at Alexandria. Wilts. 8 V.A.D.
Miss Sister Rachel Slocock OBE. St. Denys Sisterhood, Warminster, Wilts
Sisters Slocock and Nurse Hodges
Full panoramic image from the Red Cross Hospital group with soldiers from Canada, New Zealand and British regiments read more about this  http://salisburyhealthcarehistory.uk/harnham-red-cross-hospital/

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