Beauty At Its Finest A photo essay by elena panton

Throughout history women have been the sign of beauty. At Mercy everyone has their own beauty, not only in their heart but in their smiles. Beauty is shown through hard work, passion and being your true self. The girls at Mercy inspire each other to push forward to show their true beauty.

Even Eyeliner

Backstage can be filled with people cramming each other to get a spot to do their makeup. Many people can never achieve even eyeliner but defying all odds, Lauren has even eyeliner and is proudly showing it off.


Bright colors are easier to see when you are sitting far from the stage. The makeup can help transform you into your character, wow the crowd and show off your beautiful face structure such as Sabori’s.

A Makeup Artist

Doing makeup you have to be precise and talented. Working backstage of a Mercy play takes a lot of effort and thankfully many Mercy girls participate in not only making new friends but creating a family.

True Clear Skin

Many people don’t have the luxury of clear skin. Dani is truly lucky not only to have clear skin but a beautiful smile and bright personality to go along with it.

Evenly Spread

Sophie is a junior who just loves to sing and isn’t afraid to show her true talent. She loves to do makeup to help her embody her character. Full of laughter, joy and endless singing Sophie brings smiles to everyone around her.

Pat Pat

Anselma has many talents such as doing makeup and braiding hair. She loves to sing along to the songs being played in the green room. She is also known for including everyone and making everyone feel loved and appreciated

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