The Hassidic movement began in eighteenth-century Eastern Europe as a form of popular religious revival. It arose as a spiritual movement in Western Ukraine and spread rapidly throughout Eastern Europe. The Hasidim focused on the joy and spirituality of religious immersion, and emphasized dancing and singing over book learning. Today, they reside in the United States, Israel, and the Canada. There are over 15,000 Hassidic Jews in Montreal, the second largest community in North America after Brooklyn

Inside one of the synagogues on Rue Jeanne- Mance

One of the many synagogues on St Viatuer Street in the Miles End neighborhood of Montreal

The purpose of Tefillin is to bind our mind and emotions to God. The mind is represented by the Tefillin of the head, and the emotions are represented by the positioning of the arm Tefillin near our hearts, the seat of emotion. Jewish mysticism teaches that there are seven primary emotions thus, some explain that we wrap the straps seven times around our arm to represent these emotions.

A wedding procession of men to the synagogue in the Miles End neighborhood. Only on the Sabbath and holidays do men wear special hats made of fur that are called Shtreimel.

Running an errand at Lipa's Kosher supermarket on Av du Parc

Leaving the synagogue on the Sabbath

Inside one of the synagogues on Rue Jeane-Mance a Hassidic man from Manchester, England takes a break from studying the holy book

Young girls playing and exchanging stories

A family portrait. On the Sabbath men wear special hats made of fur that are called Shtreimel

Montreal is a city known for its graffiti and murals . Here on St Viateur Street two Hassidic men are engaged in conversation on the way home from the synagogue.

Outside of a synagogue on St Viateur Street I often felt invisible when the Hassidic men were engulfed in conversation.

Both local residents and the Hasidim wait in line to purchase baked goods at Cheskie's Kosher Bakery

Reading from a prayer book

After praying the pre-wedding celebration begins

After a morning of prayer a group of Hassidic men take a coffee break in the synagogue's basement kitchen

Buying Jewish pastries at a kosher grocery store on St Viateur Street

Taking a coffee break outside of a synagogue on Rue Jeanne-Mance



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