The Middle Colonies Avery S.

The middle colonies: The cleanest and the safest of them all.

How The Middle Colonies Were Founded

The Middle Colonies were founded for a safe place place for Quakers, and other religions were welcomed too. But then it became bigger.



The climate in the Middle Colonies is quite simple. In the summer it's hot and humid.In the winter it's cold but not too cold.

More About Geography


The land in the Middle Colonies is very very good. They have deep harbors for ships, good soil, deep rivers, and long growing seasons.

Even More about Geography

Natural Resources

The natural resources in the Middle Colonies are: good soil, iron, and copper. It's very simple :)


The Middle Colonies have a very big economy. They grow wheat, corn, and other vegetables. They have fur trading, mining, and mixed farming. But if you want a job you can be a miner, lumberman, sailor, or a merchant.

Cool Fact 😁

The Middle Colonies are home to many backgrounds. They include Italians, Germans, Dutch, French, Danes, Swedish, Norwegians, Poles, and last but not least Portuguese.

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