My Life By Petros Kasimis

Young Age

Petros Panagyotis Kasimis ( Πέτρος Παναγίωτης Κασίμης) was born in England Uckfield. From a young age he moved to Greece and stayed there for 13 years. He can speak 3 fluent languages. Greek, Italian and English. He started primary school at the 3 Δημοτικό Σχολείο Χολαργού that is based in Greece at the town he lived in Holargos ( Translation of the town in English). Petros has two siblings Natalia who is the oldest and Laurence who is the youngest. His parents are Janet who is half English and half Italian and Dimitris (Δημήτρης) who is Greek.

Middle Age

When Petros was a teenager he moved to a secondary school called 1 Γημνάσιο Χολαργού. In the middle of the first year Petros's Dad Dimitris got told that he had cancer of the lung and to get chemotherapy to try and stop it. On October 7 2014 his Dad past away. Petros stayed home for 3 days because of this and when he came back to school the hole year heard what happened, and two days afterwords they gave him (Petros) a card with all his classmates names saying they are sorry for his loss. Trough out the year Petros's mum was making choices when the funeral was going to happen and what would the next step be for our lifes. A few days after the hole family of Petros's mum arrived to come for the funeral. When the day of the funeral came there was a massive crowed of people were there that the chaple that was doing the mass could not fit all the people that were there. That same evening mums hole family and some of are really close friends went for dinner at a nice restaurant at Athens with site the Parthenon.

Arriving at England

On June 2015


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