The Missing Murderer a murder mystery

What did we do?

We have put together a murder mystery experimental narrative by utilising Coventry's culture, background and versatile city structure.

We created 5 characters using fake FaceBook profiles allowing our audience to immerse themselves in a indulging murder story.

find the clues | follow the trail | solve the mystery

Why a Murder Mystery?

  • Humans are fascinated with murder (Mattiuzzi, 2011)
  • However disturbing, human's in their nature simply cannot look away or not be interested in such a spectacle.
  • Creating a safe Murder Mystery in the centre of Coventry allows inhabitants to immerse themselves in such a interesting taboo topic and eliminate the "distress of the unknown" (Maria Konnikova, 2013) and achieve "cognitive closure" (Kruglanksi, 1994).



Although the demographic for crime dramas tend to be that of a higher age, we felt the involvement of transmedia means crime drama is accessible to a younger generation (age 18-30).

Women love crime TV and the mystery behind our story is more likely to draw in women then men

These young women are likely to fall into the C1 - B social category

WHY facebook?

  • Over 1billion people actively use Facebook
  • It has the most tools
  • Easy to stage the communications between characters
  • Easily accessible

the story...

The Missing Person poster
The Friendship Tree


We indulged in many research concepts in order to have a better understanding of this media outlet.

For example...

The Dark Knight transmedia campaign

Gaming - and what makes a player happy


More Stages


More Immersing

Locative Media

Thank You

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