Appreciating the Unique habits of Singaporeans By Lander, Gordon, Yi Long

Singapore is indeed a unique country. Singaporeans are known to be 'kiasu', meaning 'scared to lose out.' For example, in hawker centres, people reserve their tables using tissue paper packets. Singaporeans use Singlish, which comprises funny punctuations like 'la' and 'lor'. We also have some unique habits that make us stand out. We managed to capture some of these habits here.

People reserving tables with tissue packets

At hawker centres, patrons reserve their tables with tissue packets which are too common to attach to name to.

People queuing for food

It is common sight to see people queueing for food. Singaporeans are patient and do not mind queuing for good food!

A picture of food ready to be published onto the social media

Singaporeans have the habit of taking pictures of their food before eating. They upload these pictures onto the social media to inform their friends of their everyday activities.

Singaporeans use 'Lah' to make a point and 'Meh' to ask a question.

We are also quick in snapping up free stuff while stocks last. We are also eager to zoom in at free gifts regardless if they are useful to us or not.

Ice cream sandwiches is LIFE!

We also love to buy "sandwich ice-cream" from the ice-cream man who comes door-to-door to peddle his desserts.

Most Singaporeans love eating anything durian related.

Singaporeans are big on durians and any other foodstuff made of the fruit. Durian buffets are a common sight during the durian season.

Here is a picture of a popular tuition centre

Lastly, doting Singaporean parents love to send their kids for tuition so that they can reach and excel!

In conclusion, Singapore is a wonderful country characterised by the unique habits that our fellow Singaporeans do! If you are a foreigner visiting our country, be sure to look out for these habits! They are interesting! These photos that we share are what make Singapore, Singapore! Let's embrace our uniqueness!


Yi Long Lander Gordon

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